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AUTECH has led the ambulance industry by introducing advanced ambulance for the first time and developing negative pressure ambulance to prepare MERS outbreak since its establishment in 2000 as specialized company in special vehicle.

In addition, we have created innovative technologies and products that weren’t existed before such as vehicles for the disabled, apparel / welfare vehicles, life and leisure vehicles and logistics vehicles, growing into leading company in vehicles for special purposes.

AUTECH  is gradually innovating with the aim of future-oriented thinking and improvement of the quality of human life.
We will create greater synergy through bold management innovation, R&D and constant sharing of value with partner companies, rather than satisfying with the present.

Carrier Air Control, one of main partner, is the 3rd biggest supplier of air conditioners in Korea, which is in cooperation with global carrier network.
It is the only specialized company in air conditioning which is establishing total air conditioning system line up from he home air conditioners to commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.

Carrier Refrigeration is No. 1 company specialized in refrigeration and freezer which is establishing ‘total cold chain system’ that can lead from the origins of foods to the dining tables. It is responsible for safe food with the best technology by leading commercial refrigeration and freezer industry in Korea.

AUTECH-OTIS Parking Systems, a solid No.1 company of the maintenance of vertical parking system in Korea, is planning to run parking operation business for business expansion. It is introducing next-generation technologies through technical cooperation with global companies such as Fuji Corporation of Japan, OTIS, etc.

AUTECH promises that we will make every effort to find new business and develop new products that can lead the new future and grow into global company recognized by the world through our own core capabilities that no one can follow.