Solati Wheelchair Lift

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Solati Wheelchair Lift

New bus created for the disabled that
includes a feeling of openness and a more secure ride than ever before!
Introduction of Solati

We have focused on the comfort of the driver by applying an eight-speed automatic transmission for the first time ever in a bus.
An ample and comfortable interior space has been created to better care for the passengers.

Introduction of Solati Wheelchair Lift

The realization of welfare services has created a different type of comfortable and pleasant environment.

Development of Wheelchair Lift

The simple structure of the slope makes the vehicle lighter.
The slope improves the safety and convenience of wheelchair occupants by creating a smoother ride
and discharge of the wheelchair with an added reliable fastening device.

Types of Wheelchair Lift
Protruding-type Lift Insertion-type Lift
Product Features
Sheet Layout

Protruding-type Lift

Insertion-type Lift