Hwaseong Fortress Tourists’ Trolley

Track-less Trolley - Hwaseong Fortress Tourists’ Trolley
Stability and Durability

Motorized Vehicle Sector - Reinforced with an integral body frame to prevent warping of the vehicle while
ensuring the rigidity of the frame when towing a passenger car.

Lower Frame Reinforcement Upper Frame Reinforcement
Stability and Durability

Passenger Car Division - Secures the traction (7,500 kg) of three passenger cars with high-intensity towing.
A double safety wire has been installed to prevent the cars from breaking away. (1,200 kg)

Car Towing Hook Car Towing Hook

Secures a safe and durable ride by applying the rear axle of a real automobile without any additional structural modifications.
The master cylinder of the power car is used to apply the brake integration of the power car and the passenger car.
Parking and stopping brakes are applied with a separate pneumatic cylinder.


The power vehicle division includes a 23” monitor with an at-a-glance view of seven external cameras
from the driver's seat.
A control box has been installed to operate power vehicles and passenger cars. (Touch screen)

23” Monitor for External Viewing Control Box (Touch Screen) Control Box

Car Division


1. 2-point safety belt
2. Secondary handle for boarding
3. Anti-slip bottom plate
4. Wheelchair fastening device
5. Hot-wire embedded seat
6. Second passenger seat

Design Development and Originality of Hwaseong Fortress Tourists’ Trolley

Design Motif: Royal Vehicle, Palanquin
This royal vehicle has two parts, a power car and a passenger car (like a palanquin).
Passengers can ride the vehicle for sightseeing at Hwaseong Fortress.
The unique design is in the shape of a royal vehicle.
The design reproduces a comfortable and cozy interior space, as if riding in a palanquin.

Inside the Design


Inside the Design


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