Free warranty repair

Automobiles manufactured and sole by AUTECH Co., Ltd. are designed and manufactured to comply with laws and regulations related to automobiles.
If you manage and use the cars according to inspection and maintenance period and instructions specified in the manual, we guarantee you as follows under the warranty regulations of our company and related laws such as Consumer Protection Law.

Warranty period

1) Warranty repair period is applied from the release date of new car and the one first comes among period and
     mileage is considered to be the expiration of warranty period.
2) Warranty period may be different from each vehicle type and details of warranty period are specified at the time of contract.

Exceptions from warranty

1) Various matters for normal management of vehicle Cleaning of fuel system, engine tune-up, inspection and adjustment of brake,
     wheel balance and inspections to be performed on a regular basis by other regular vehicle inspection.
2) Consumables required for vehicle driving Consumables required to be exchanged on a regular basis to maintain the vehicle
     such as spark plug, brake lining, light bulbs, belts, etc.
3) Any failures caused by not complying with the period of inspection and maintenance and instructions specified in handling manual
     provided by the company.
4) Any failures caused by the use of defective parts or random modification.

Obligations of vehicle owners

1) Vehicle should be managed and used according to the period of inspection and maintenance and instructions specified in handling manual.
2) If any defects related to driving and safety occur, you should prepare the application form provided at designated partner factory
     to get the warranty repair.