We always put top priority on customer satisfaction.

AUTECH acquires self-certification system to process a batch for designing, manufacturing, inspecting and shipping on its own, promoting convenience for customers. In addition, we understand the needs of customers through our own investigation system to minimize customer’s complaints and increase the satisfaction of employees through open management. We are making constant effort to become a company that can contribute to the public interest by improving the quality of life.

Thermal transmittance tester
Thermal transmittance tester is progressing to ensure the completeness by attaching sensor inside of freezer and
insulated trucks and inspecting the parts and status of thermal loss.

Tensile strength tester of seat belt
The angle of slope is measuring to ensure running stability by inspecting angle of slope and central location of
automobiles specified in the standard of transportation vehicles.

Noise test
Optimized data is applying through the test that measures running noise, exhaust noise and horn sound of
specifically-equipped vehicles.

ABS test
ABS [Anti-lock Brake System] It measures the running performance of automobiles and safety of brakes to prevent
the wheels from locking in case of quick braking.

Korean Nationwide 1-day Care system of A/S
The quickest and most kind after-sales service is operated on 1-day care system nationwide to protect
customer’s precious safety and goods.

ISO 9001 (2015)
The company is producing and managing the best quality products through standardized processes, manuals,
procedures and instructions through ISO 9001 (2015) quality management system certification.